Late Night Listener (collab)

By Vintage Black and Secret Thoughts Within I am your only late night listener, savoring your words spoken over and over, alone in the blackness. Messages played on loopin the radio host sound of your voice, I tune in to enjoy yet another twilight sample. Your poetic mixtapeof descriptive drunken wordsmakes perfect senseto my late-night soul,so, I dial in every sunset. Alas! That intoxicating oeuvre, over andContinue reading “Late Night Listener (collab)”

26th April: My Birthday

Today is my birthday… my blogging birthday. A year ago today, I posted my first few thoughts and now we are here together. I’m surprised I made it. Happy Birthday to all our secret thoughts! I wish I could shower you with gifts and watch your eyes light up, but I have no presents toContinue reading “26th April: My Birthday”

Muse (Haiku series)

I can’t be your girl, I’ll be your sweet muse instead  Waiting for your songs You can’t be my guy, But I’ll think of you each time I write teasing lines We would never work So I’ll dream of us in words To keep it alive When I think of you My mind creates a passion Which I etch in rhyme Yes, youContinue reading “Muse (Haiku series)”

Dreaming in velvet

100 word story I had a dream last night. We were sitting side-by-side on an elegant velvet couch. We passed unspoken words between us while looking into each other’s eyes. I succumbed to my cacoethic way of wanting you and I placed my lips on yours. You responded instantly and passionately. We shifted and movedContinue reading “Dreaming in velvet”

To read you

Wait, what?At first I wasn’t quite sureBut I learnt to read youTo understand the hidden meanings Behind your metaphors and mythical references. At first they confused and baffled me For I stood on unfamiliar ground. I investigated your words And what they could possibly mean. I worried that I wouldn’t be able To decipher anyContinue reading “To read you”

Word dancer

You entrance me with your euphonious expressions and fluid transitions. The way you twirl your phrases across the page has me gasping in awe. Both your elegant movements and sharp turns have me completely mesmerised. Every time you place your final step I jump to my feet in standing ovation. All the roses are forContinue reading “Word dancer”