Simple (Published)

I know my words are too simple– My wholehearted “I love you” falls short any time I write it. Yet I feel compelled to release what’s dwelling inside my heart lest it consumes me. I don’t have an elegant pen like others who write perfect poems made up of perfect words enough to make anyone believe inContinue reading “Simple (Published)”

Burning grief (with audio)

I felt like throwing my own heart across the room– anything to get away from the burning anger inside my chest. As I sat there, with waves pulsing through my heart I realised– it wasn’t anger after all it was my pain my lingering loneliness and enduring exhaustion. I was burning up with grief overContinue reading “Burning grief (with audio)”

Ode to New Love (Published)

My heart is overwhelmed by new love, A ray of light, that soft glowing beam, An answer to all my prayers above, Awakening me from all darkened dream. In this new light I feel my racing heart, The growing intensity making me blind, Each passing moment I become more attached And dread any second we are apart. TwoContinue reading “Ode to New Love (Published)”

A 9th Letter from Secrets

Hey you, let me start by saying that this letter is thanks to Navaparna from The Passionate Learner. She has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Answering the award questions and nominating other people aren’t things I feel comfortable doing, but I want to honour Navaparna and the sentiment behind the award. Therefore, IContinue reading “A 9th Letter from Secrets”