A 3rd letter from Secrets

Oh, hey you. My treasured ‘follower’, do you already know what’s coming? Yes, Famela Marie from Introverted Ela has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Ela my dear, thank you for the nomination and here is my response to honour that (in my own way of course). I thought about including an audio ofContinue reading “A 3rd letter from Secrets”

Dreaming in velvet

100 word story I had a dream last night. We were sitting side-by-side on an elegant velvet couch. We passed unspoken words between us while looking into each other’s eyes. I succumbed to my cacoethic way of wanting you and I placed my lips on yours. You responded instantly and passionately. We shifted and movedContinue reading “Dreaming in velvet”

Addiction cycles

“Am I just another junky?” You ask with guilt-ridden face I’m pretty sure you are But I’ll allow some breathing space You sit with twitching hands Holding self-imposed disgrace If you’re seeking harsh judgement You came to the wrong place I know the road is long and hard With things you can’t erase So I’llContinue reading “Addiction cycles”