Confused Muse

If a man decided to pick a fair muse,

Why would I be the one he’d choose?

If onto my heart his love he poured,

I wouldn’t know how to be adored.

For all the words whispered in my ear,

His reasons for love would remain unclear.

Please note: this is not written for anyone particular. I have been reading a lot of John Keats recently and was inspired by one of his poems to try a different style. The key to reading this piece is to read it slowly and let the words sink in. I hope you enjoy my style experiment. 😊

14 thoughts on “Confused Muse

  1. Good one. Appreciate your honesty as you clarify and credit inspiration.

    A flip version to this

    If man were to pick muse,
    Why should i let him choose
    He shall pour his fantasies in me,
    Only to withdraw art dipped in my grace,
    Leaving a simple heart like a winding maze….😉

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