Dreaming in velvet

100 word story

I had a dream last night. We were sitting side-by-side on an elegant velvet couch. We passed unspoken words between us while looking into each other’s eyes. I succumbed to my cacoethic way of wanting you and I placed my lips on yours. You responded instantly and passionately. We shifted and moved together under saccharine kisses and tender touches. It wasn’t lustful, it was purer than that; a wholly uncontaminated moment in time, with each caress revealing our hearts. I woke up dazed. I’m not sure where it came from. I’m slightly embarrassed, but I confess… I enjoyed every second.

Edit: Forgot to add a shout out to my friend Nick for his help with one especially tricky word 💜

24 thoughts on “Dreaming in velvet

    1. Oh my goodness John… It was one of those ones that I kept editing and getting frustrated with. If I changed one word, I had to change others to keep the word count. In the end, I heard Lia ‘Just post it’ 😆

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    1. Dang it! hit send before done. Anyhoo, had to come all the way home to use desktop and read the rest!! 😂 Well… very romantic. 😏🙏🍫💕

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