Song Writing

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If there’s a woman 
for whom your heart longs 
pick up your courage 
and write her a song

When you come to write 
don’t rush, take it slow 
simply think of her 
and the song will grow

Choose the best lyrics 
write in the best key 
add a killer hook 
practice constantly

Pick the right moment 
await a bright day 
seize the right timing
take a breath and play

Sing with your feelings
be real from the start
then no one will doubt
you write from the heart

She’s sure to come close 
to hear what you’ve done 
and if it’s done right 
her heart’s good and won

Growing up, my one of my best friends and I used to sing a lot together. He would strum away on his guitar and sing while I added harmonies. Around sixteen, he started writing songs for all the girls he liked; it was both sweet and incredibly nauseating. However, at the time I thought how special I’d feel if someone wrote a song for me. Penning this sweet (and nauseating) little poem was a trip down memory lane and the teenaged wishes of a girl, not looking for anyone in particular, but simply hoping someone out there might be looking for me.

16 thoughts on “Song Writing

  1. Loved the verses and especially the backstory too!!! I loved this line in your notes – “I thought how special I’d feel if someone wrote a song for me.” I so loved your feelings at the time – and maybe still????
    My heart is hearing whispers and maybe a challenge!!

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      1. Okay, I will abide by your wishes about writing a song – for you – until you change your mind. I can’t help it if your words whisper to me and tells me how your heart feels! Maybe just a song on the subject with universal application??? Haha!
        Hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend! Loving your posts as always!!

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      1. Don’t worry if you sing properly or not…it’s abt expressing freely, right?…I know that from my dancing & singing skills 😉😅…and of course, you must always do what you’re comfortable with 💟


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