Dream Roses

Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.com

Bring me roses in your dreams.
I’ll accept them with a smile,
wrap my arm around your neck,
breathe in your scent.

Bring me your bedroom smile.
I’ll swoon over it,
reflect it in my eyes
as it pulls me towards you.

Bring me your finest evening words.
I’ll melt into your embrace,
let you possess my body,
fall in love with you.

Bring me roses in your dreams,
it’s the only place you can.
When you open your eyes,
they’ll have slipped from both our hands.

Bring me roses if you must
but dream-time Lover
just remember,
in the morning they will turn to dust.

No matter who we dream of, not all relationships are meant to be. Maybe it’s time to dream a new dream 💜

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