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Broken Soulmates (Sestina)

I recently wrote three different Sestinas after a conversation with ‘Vishal Dominic’, a very talent writer. I wrote two traditionally and for the other, I broken the rules a bit. I will be honest and say that I struggle a lot with iambic pentameter, so I have been kind to myself in that area andContinue reading “Broken Soulmates (Sestina)”

Warrior Song (collab)

By Vintage Black and Secret Thoughts Within A true wild heart A fine glass of wine With steadfast resolve I walk all divine Keep walking good warrior And never look back Those trolls, demons, Vampires Deep love They do lack Honey, I’ve lived my life I know the road you are on I’ll share myContinue reading “Warrior Song (collab)”

Without him

Without him, I’m uncertain what I would do. All the world would fade into grey and ash would fill my life. How would I face the long days and eternity of the night?

Out of control

My curls are out of control these days, Just like my imagination.He doesn’t mind though, He likes to wrap them around his finger, Pull me close and breathe in deep.

To Reach You (with audio)

There was something so magical about you–  swaying in the breeze, so mysterious. I had to reach out to you. I stretched myselfto the very edge, to point of falling. Finally, when I thought you were beyond my grasp, I caught hold of you. My heart swelled with joy, secure in my knowledge that theContinue reading “To Reach You (with audio)”

An Awakening Touch (collab)

By Charles Robert Lindholm and Bree Leto Our first touch– with only your fingers slowly brushing my hand sent an extraordinary jolt of electricity, through my whole body that I had never felt before The twinkle in your eye sparked imaginings that lit up my soul The smile on your lips whispered to my heart making its beating race as a blush showed upon my face An unintended touch that somehow came to beContinue reading “An Awakening Touch (collab)”

Dream Roses

Bring me roses in your dreams. I’ll accept them with a smile, wrap my arm around your neck, breathe in your scent. Bring me your bedroom smile. I’ll swoon over it, reflect it in my eyes as it pulls me towards you. Bring me your finest evening words. I’ll melt into your embrace, let youContinue reading “Dream Roses”


Before you start this fire… make sure you are certain, because I fully intend to burn you alive with my unspoken desires. I’ll leave scorch marks on your bodyas I flame across you with intense heat and raging passion.The sparks and burns from my untamable inferno will seer into your flesh and memory. Watch meContinue reading “Scorch”


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