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Some thoughts need an outlet

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Kept for you

I kept my secret smile for you today. I almost gave it to a man who was trying to steal my heart, but I pulled it back just in time. Smooth phrases and witty words, even with my guard down, I didn’t give it away. You see, my secret smile holds all the things IContinue reading “Kept for you”

Out of love

It’s amazing what questions your honesty brings, Just let me ask you the following things. Can you help me solve the mystery? Just how are you now in misery?Was there one particular moment Or one specific trying component?Was it a slow build up over time? Was my not noticing part of the crime?Did you lookContinue reading “Out of love”

Brilliant you

The brilliance of who you areis found in my eyes.I wish you could seethe way you shine into my life,even when your mind is distracted by dark thoughts.

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