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Hidden Hopes

The hidden hopes of humans are enough to break your heart for when they’re disappointed you often see the soul depart

Language Warning

Every now and then when nothing seems to fit I get the urge to shout out loud “Fuck this fucking shit” But I scream it in my mind because it’s not polite say I shake it off, continue on and go about my day Originally published 2 July 2020

This Place Is Home (with audio)

The smell of the slow-cooking roastlaughter bouncing off the freshly painted walls smile on my face this place is home Carefully thought-out desserts catering to all the dietary needs everyone belongs this place is home Space to spread out and relax feet pounding up (and down) the stairs no need to hush this place is home A drink in hand surrounded by extended family blessContinue reading “This Place Is Home (with audio)”

The Door

Sometimes I wish I could just run out the front door of my life. I too want to be wild, spontaneous and carefree. In all honestly though, if I did slip away I wouldn’t know where to start. I’d probably return, banging on the door to be let back in. Originally published 26 April 2020

Is This The Night?

Unspoken chemistry always there between ussimmering under the surface our friendship – we’ve never crossed the linewe’re always one careful step awayBut, tonight you’re sitting closerindecision in your eyesand when you look at me like thisI just want to feel your kiss Is this the night?Is this the night friends become lovers?Spend the evening exploring each otherin your room, underContinue reading “Is This The Night?”

Fiery Comfort

The only comfort I find on these cold nights is found within the heat of your fiery soul

Think Of Me

When you have a shower do you think of me? As that water runs down your body do you imagine it’s my hands instead? Originally published 26.04.2020

The Cat and The Bat

Meet me in secret down the back alleyway where no one will see Tell me (truthfully) Bat do you want to capture or completely consume me? Take me by the tail  I’ll straddle your rumbling bike fly back to your hidden cave through the darkness of the night Tie me up tight restrain me with your desire take off your amour and leave it on theContinue reading “The Cat and The Bat”


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