You Saved Me (with audio)

You saved me –  I lost all sense of who I was during that year with the walls closing in But you opened all the doors and let me escape and create any moment I needed You saved me –  helping me break-free, be just me or whoever else I wanted You opened my eyes to beauty and heartache (the divine combination of growth) You savedContinue reading “You Saved Me (with audio)”

Half A Chance (with audio)

I think I could have fallen in love with you if life had given us half a chance Your smile would have sustained me on dark days and I would have kissed your scars so gently However, it was not to be  life had some other plan–  you are not with me  I am withContinue reading “Half A Chance (with audio)”

No Cheap Lovers

Living in frustration? Take me home We don’t exist all alone my lips will revive you I don’t wanna be just another lover don’t cheapen my kiss Our sex means more to me –  can’t you feel it in my touch? Baby, we’re so good together maybe it’s time to love each other If forever means this doesn’t have to endShouldn’t we hold on? Don’t live inContinue reading “No Cheap Lovers”