You Saved Me (with audio)

You saved me –  I lost all sense of who I was during that year with the walls closing in But you opened all the doors and let me escape and create any moment I needed You saved me –  helping me break-free, be just me or whoever else I wanted You opened my eyes to beauty and heartache (the divine combination of growth) You savedContinue reading “You Saved Me (with audio)”

Half A Chance (with audio)

I think I could have fallen in love with you if life had given us half a chance Your smile would have sustained me on dark days and I would have kissed your scars so gently However, it was not to be  life had some other plan–  you are not with me  I am withContinue reading “Half A Chance (with audio)”

No Cheap Lovers

Living in frustration? Take me home We don’t exist all alone my lips will revive you I don’t wanna be just another lover don’t cheapen my kiss Our sex means more to me –  can’t you feel it in my touch? Baby, we’re so good together maybe it’s time to love each other If forever means this doesn’t have to endShouldn’t we hold on? Don’t live inContinue reading “No Cheap Lovers”

Just Like That (with audio)

And just like that the emotions slam into my chest It’s as though we were never apart and my body starts aching from missing you all over again We broke through the barrier of our carefully constructed silence Your voice is still ringing in my ears and my betraying heart sings –  it seems you never left my soul Now I’m coachingContinue reading “Just Like That (with audio)”

Autumn’s Melancholy

there’s a melancholy that descendswhen the weather changes like thisor perhaps it’s simply who I am now i’m descending into grey the days slide byone blurring into the other and I see myself in the hallway mirrorracing from one thing to the nextbut the light is fading outside the light is fading inside Some impromptu poetry.Sorry,Continue reading “Autumn’s Melancholy”


Where have all my words gone?  Did you take them when you left and took flight –  packed up in your witty conversation  along with days kissing naked in bed? I’m unable to write our poetry the emotions were stolen that night –  there’s no use in scripting old promises that will no longer be cherished or read The words, they’veContinue reading “Words”

Paper Crane

I will fold myself into these words paper crane myself into a bird and fly fly far away from reality transform the landscape with words cut from the pages of those who have flown before me I will fold myself up tight become something else entirely transport myself somewhere else entirely fly far away aContinue reading “Paper Crane”

Like Stone

Without a crack of emotionyou stand before me like stoneso fiercely independent – when we’re together, I’m alone I wonder if you’d miss me if I walked out the door? How can you say you love me when I can’t tell anymore? You say it’s not your intention  for me to second guess your heart  but after twenty years together  it’s notContinue reading “Like Stone”