Just Like That (with audio)

And just like that the emotions slam into my chest It’s as though we were never apart and my body starts aching from missing you all over again We broke through the barrier of our carefully constructed silence Your voice is still ringing in my ears and my betraying heart sings –  it seems you never left my soul Now I’m coachingContinue reading “Just Like That (with audio)”

Autumn’s Melancholy

there’s a melancholy that descendswhen the weather changes like thisor perhaps it’s simply who I am now i’m descending into grey the days slide byone blurring into the other and I see myself in the hallway mirrorracing from one thing to the nextbut the light is fading outside the light is fading inside Some impromptu poetry.Sorry,Continue reading “Autumn’s Melancholy”


Where have all my words gone?  Did you take them when you left and took flight –  packed up in your witty conversation  along with days kissing naked in bed? I’m unable to write our poetry the emotions were stolen that night –  there’s no use in scripting old promises that will no longer be cherished or read The words, they’veContinue reading “Words”