Ode to New Love (Published)

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My heart is overwhelmed by new love,
A ray of light, that soft glowing beam,
An answer to all my prayers above,
Awakening me from all darkened dream.
In this new light I feel my racing heart,
The growing intensity making me blind,
Each passing moment I become more attached
And dread any second we are apart.
Two souls become so intricately entwined,
While never before feeling so perfectly matched.

The ecstasy of new love brings a natural high
And my whole world is consumed by delight
As every word and look causes me to sigh,
I only feel peace within my new love’s sight.
The euphoric feelings I’m constantly craving
Are expressed through touches of passion,
Igniting my every dormant desire
And drawing me towards misbehaving.
Our precious time together I refuse to ration
When our bodies together burn like wildfire.

Our affection overlooks every transgression,
For it is true that new love is blind,
Problems are dismissed for our obsession
As new passions make flaws hard to find.
We deliberately avoid any fight,
Giving the relationship every chance to grow,
Knowing our love hasn’t been properly tested
While everything still feels so right.
In the beginning our best selves are on show,
Until we know how much should be invested.

Oh, new love, invading my every thought,
You’re all my tender heart dreams of
And I don’t function as I ought
While my mind is filled with love.
As this new union continues blooming
I don’t want the presence of anyone else
And I know that you feel the same.
This new love is all consuming,
Whenever I find aimless time by myself
I burn with a longing that only you can tame.

I hope you enjoy this first Ode. Tomorrow I will be posting another which is the partner to this one. Both are unmetered irregular Odes with the rhyming scheme ABABCDECDE.

North American First Publication Rights with City Limits Publishing in Through Loving Words: Volume 1, A New Love Blooms

35 thoughts on “Ode to New Love (Published)

      1. This was truly a trip down memory lane with all the excitement, and sensuous romance and bonding of New Love!!
        Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm! Made my heart flutter!! Thanks for that Sweet, Sweet memory!! Too bad there’s no “Relive Button” in life!! LOL! Your words always reach me, Dear Secrets!!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Yes, this is exactly how “new love” feels. You hit all the key aspects of it. Each stanza had so many standouts, perhaps too many to highlight. Really great ending. I feel anyone would has been in love can relate to this. And I’m jealous again. Wish I had written this one!

    Liked by 2 people

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