Ode to Old Love

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As our love grows through the decades,
Changing from when we met in our prime,
And the light from our aging eyes fades
Our connection only strengthens with time.
We have such a long complex history
But with each other we are secure,
To stay together this long is certainly rare.
When quirks about us are no longer a mystery
Our love for each other is steady and pure
We are certainly a perfectly matched pair.

Old love doesn’t give you constant thrills
Instead it offers a stable hand to hold,
It’s a love that keeps away the chills,
A safe place for your heart when it’s cold.
Those naked evenings in bed are still a treasure
While we invest time keeping our love aflame,
Which is easy to do when you’re with your soulmate
And it gives us both immeasurable pleasure
Knowing neither of us are playing silly games;
Secure in the fact that we are each other’s fate.

Through all of our journey’s highs and lows
Our resolve has surely been tested,
But real love is the one that always grows,
Pulling us closer to the one our heart has arrested.
Despite moments of impulsiveness
Our faith in each other is unshakable,
For our connection is deeper than fleeting flirtation
And we know how to extend forgiveness.
Though tried and tested we’re unbreakable,
Held in each other’s sole dedication.

Our focus is other-person centred,
Our trust in each other is always inherent
With the freedom to live uncensored
Being our true selves, always transparent.
Every dark secret is understood and protected
Without any danger or risk of harm.
Within such a sacred bond we are never alone,
Our souls are always and forever connected;
It’s our consecrated oath that keep us both calm
And within this old love we find our home.

Yesterday I posted another, Ode to New Love, which is the partner to this one. Both are unmetered irregular Odes with the rhyming scheme ABABCDECDE.

27 thoughts on “Ode to Old Love

  1. Beautifully done. It reminds me of something I heard once: basically that we spend so much time trying to find love but we forget we have to use that same energy to keep love there. “Connection,” and “security” and “history”: these are power words for lovers. And I think it’s best to be out of the “silly game” as soon as possible; that’s probably when you’ll find the right one to settle down with. This part is something to think on: “With the freedom to live uncensored / Being our true selves, always transparent. / Every dark secret is understood and protected”. Good work!

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    1. Thank you Ben. And yes, I agree that keeping love also requires energy and effort. If we are intentional with our love and energy (love energy? 😆), it’s in the difficult and mundane moments of life that love grows deepest – a great thought you have shared here.

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      1. “Love energy”. Yeah. Sounds not too far away from another poem. Really liked these odes. They have such a deeper meaning that goes beyond the beauty of the words; they sink into the feeling. And feelings are really at the core of almost everything.

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