Leaves (with audio)

Photo by Bree Leto

The weather is grey
as if it can sense my thoughts about you 
During a solitary walk 
I whisper your name to the trees –  
each syllable holding a tapestry of memories 

In my ashen mood 
I take refuge under the hemisphere of an evergreen 
I sigh into the leaves
hoping they’ll send messages on the wind

I miss you

The air stirs 
and my heart takes flight with the loose foliage 
The breeze blows the clouds and leaves away 
drifting their way to you 
imprinted with my thoughts and all our secrets too

16 thoughts on “Leaves (with audio)

  1. Bree, this is beautifully written…your amazing voice takes this piece to another level…the way you express…the highs, the lows & the pauses give extra texture…brilliant Bree 👏✨💟

    Liked by 1 person

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