Quid Pro Quo (collab)

By Kizito and Bree

He can’t help it
his need to be seen by beautiful women
makes him take unhealthy risks
He sends out signals
weaves pretty words
talks the talk men do 
when they want something from you
He thinks he’s being stealthy and clever
able to draw them in
but he’s fooling himself
they’d discard him in a second
for a newer man…
like he does when his eyes are on them

She can’t help it
her powdered face is soft
her eyebrows sharp and raised
to hook them all in
with her bewitching looks
“See my pierced tongue
see my winding hips
and the beads on my waist
you can only see and not touch”
The veined hands reach her at last
snaps her pride like a twig
and all that beauty on display
learns to smile with hurt

I reached out to writers via IG asking for some perspective on a piece I was working on. Kizito reached back. After a fascinating chat, he added the second half of this poem.

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