Blank Stare

Soldier by Carlos Alberto Martínez – Carlos’ original work is in colour and it’s fantastic

I tell you I feel alone 
you stare back at me 
confirming my deepest fears – 
you’re emotionally unavailable (again)  
I’m all alone (again)

Open your mouth 
tell me what you’re thinking 
give me a glimpse of your heart –  
do you have space in there for me 
or is it locked without a key?

You don’t have to be poetic 
I’ve never needed that from you –  
all I desire 
is honest communication 
an authentic conversation or two

Am I foolish to persist 
against this apathetic silence?
Your emotionless expressions 
blank stares at my love 
break me every time

It doesn’t seem to matter 
how many times I reach out 
you continue to stare 
and I’m left aching 
from all the words you never bother to find

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