Half A Chance (with audio)

I think I could have fallen in love with you
if life had given us half a chance
Your smile would have sustained me on dark days
and I would have kissed your scars so gently

However, it was not to be 
life had some other plan– 
you are not with me 
I am with another man
So believe me when I say 
please know these words are true– 
if fate didn’t have a role to play
I would have fallen in love with you

I would have kissed your scars so gently
and your smile would have sustained me on dark days
If life had given us half a chance,
I think I could have fallen in love with you

Originally published 8 April 2021

48 thoughts on “Half A Chance (with audio)

    1. Thank you so much Radhika 💜 On a side note, I have been reading some of your poetry book. I really do adore your Haiku 😍 I’m up to ‘Kindness’ and it’s just so lovely.

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  1. Wow! Such an amazing poem, Dear!! Such a beautiful, romantic and bittersweet verse! Reminiscing and wondering what might have been?? Thank you, thank you so very much for your audio!! Your voice reciting your words and capturing the feelings in such an emotional way is PERFECT!! Thank you so much for the recording and letting us close our eyes and just listen!! Such a professional recording! I think you’ve mastered the blending of words and music into Magic!! Bellissimo, Secrets, Belissimo!

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      1. So I have a paid site which allows you to upload audio, kind of like uploading an image. I think this might be what you are asking 😊


      2. Yep. And I only did it because there was a half price deal. Do you do any audio readings through your IG account? That might be an option for you instead.


  2. I read it, I heard it, I felt every bit of emotion in this piece. I visited your site after someone suggested me, I want to read more of your work and I’ll surely do that in some time.

    Your voice is really sweet. I absolutely loved how calmly you were reciting what you’ve written.
    Also, I loved those words too.

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    1. Thank you so much Rashmi. What a lovely comment to read 💜 It’s very kind of you to say, particularly as I remember you are a wonderful writer yourself. (I used to follow you a while ago before you edited your follower list. Rest assured I completely respected and understood your reasonings 💜💜💜)

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      1. You’re really kind. I take my own time to know people, and I never really got to know you. I edited and made the list really short, it came out to be just 13 people whom I know in person too. But it’s never too late, I visited your blog and know you’re a great writer with a magical voice. I’ll continue to read more of you.
        It’s nice meeting you💛

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      2. 💜 Lovely to have you. No pressure from me, I really do understand why you did that… I have contemplated it myself a few times. On a number of occasions I have removed followers who I felt were not legitimate. You keep doing what makes you happy Rashmi 😊


      3. Haha, okay I’m not the only one here 😅 good to know you too did that, makes me feel less crazy to declutter people.

        But on a serious note, I feel bad that I decluttered you, but yes ofcourse I did not know you earlier, but now you’re in my list. I’ll visit your blog as and when I find time.
        See you around ✨

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  3. Very beautiful poem about how fate thwarts a lover’s plan. I love the wistful nature of it. But it’s also so close to the bone. I know this feeling.

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