You Saved Me (with audio)

Original image found here on Pinterest

You saved me –  
I lost all sense of who I was during that year 
with the walls closing in 
But you opened all the doors 
and let me escape and create 
any moment I needed

You saved me –  
helping me break-free, 
be just me or whoever else I wanted 
You opened my eyes to beauty and heartache 
(the divine combination of growth)

You saved me Poetry –  
I never knew 
my own words could bring me back to life

Originally published 14 March 2022

54 thoughts on “You Saved Me (with audio)

    1. Thanks so much Tom 🙂 The pen is indeed powerful and therapeutic… most of the time, for we both know sometimes it misbehaves and then… It goes for a quick trip across the room. Not really, I write on my devices; that’d be an expensive writers tantrum 😅

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  1. This is such a profound truth; I was just thinking about and writing about how empowering it is to write our truth over and over again, to pour ourselves into our poetry. This is gorgeous, Bree.💜

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