Open Doors

I can’t do this anymore 
The passion and drive have dissolved 
diluted by the trauma and frustration at a broken system

I can’t drum up the motivation 
smile and pull others up from their knees –  
apparently, there’s a limit to how many knocks I can take

It’s a toxic relationship 
and I’m only realising it now 
working in a place I love and hate

There are decisions looming – 
there’s gotta be a way out of this place! 
I see a door of opportunity 
and I run at full-pace

A few things:
1. I wrote this poem a while ago, but I dug it out of the poetry vault for you (maybe you needed to read it today)
2. I usually post photos in black and white, but I adore this green door, so it stays in colour
3. 💜
4. I have a narrative style poem I want to publish with audio, but I’ve decided I need an older male’s voice with a Scottish accent to do it justice. If that’s you, contact me 😉

5. I’m pulling back from regularly posting on WP for a while. I won’t be around as much, but I’ll read your stuff when I can.

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