Restraint (with audio)

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If I took the restraints off my thoughts  
I wonder where I would end up
What pathways would they lead me down? 
What fantasies would they indulge?
I know myself –  
they would take me along paths  
full of potholes and dangers 

I’d stumble on the freedom –  
trip over every feeling  
pursue every desire in my view 
I’d enjoy everything 
without a care for consequence  
give up any resemblance of self-control

I’d dream it all 
I would do it all
I’d take it all
I’d take
until, I was wildly out of control 
My ‘just this once’ daydreams 
would be the death of me 

Luckily, thoughts are simply thoughts 
there’s no need to indulge 
I’ll keep the restraints 
firmly in place  
and leave those thoughts on hold

10 thoughts on “Restraint (with audio)

  1. “I know myself –
    they would take me along paths
    full of potholes and dangers” – amen to that 🤭
    Very insightful poem, Bree – the beauty of imagined unrestrained thoughts and feelings

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