Lone Lights (with audio)

Original image found here on Pinterest

A lone light glows across the street – 
an amber intruder upon midnight shadows 
I wonder what’s going on inside that house 
is it something that shouldn’t be exposed?

There’s an odd sense of comfort 
knowing I’m not alone 
and someone else’s awake 
There’s consolation in seeing other lights 
shimmering in the night

We’re alone 
shining together in the darkness –  
an unlikely community of strangers 
separated by walls and streets 
yet sleeplessly united  
by cold bedsheets

14 thoughts on “Lone Lights (with audio)

  1. I absolutely ADORE this poem, Bree, so many great lines and similes – light and darkness, loneliness, togetherness. “There’s an odd sense of comfort
    knowing I’m not alone
    and someone else’s awake
    There’s consolation in seeing other lights
    shimmering in the night” – so beautifully reflective 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank so Jeff, I’m glad to hear that. As writers I think we often float our words out into the void and wonder if anyone will hear us. It’s an honour to have you read and listen to my creative musings.


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