What To Say

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As I watch your world shatter
mine does too 
into a complex mix of compassion
and putting myself in your shoes
            I’m glad it’s not me
            but I don’t want it to be you

What can I say
that could possibly take the pain away?
There are no words
and there’s no need 
            Words can’t heal a broken heart 
            and mourning has its own unique path

Pull the pain close 
if it helps you honour their memory
Rush into life if it helps you cope
No one holds the answers to your heartache 
            Only you can find the way 
            and I’m sure it changes every day

What can I say
as mortality reveals itself?
Nothing can alter what’s happened
nothing can take away its power
You’ll find your own way through
and all I can say is
            I will not abandon you

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