Tiny Stitches

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Can I stitch them up – 
all the wounds of the world 
with a smile, a song and a steady hand?

Positivity makes me foolish enough 
to believe my tiny soul has influence   
and anything’s possible

As optimism blooms in my heart 
I imagine hurts healing 
under the miracle-infused fingers of individuals

I will try as others do – 
trust in the hope of tomorrow  
and stitch love over all our pain

There’re many times I’m overwhelmed by the problems of the world or individuals… But I have hope for better days. Whether it’s foolish or brave, I believe one person can have a positive impact by showing up again and again with hope and love.

20 thoughts on “Tiny Stitches

  1. We each have to do what we can. We cannot solve the issues in Ukraine right now but we are giving refuge to a mother and child. Their home was damaged but not too seriously so it will only be a temporary stay.

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