Less these days

I think of you less these days
and although I know that’s a good thing
it also makes me a little sad
because once…
you were my everything

41 thoughts on “Less these days

      1. I’m not sensing that this is anything like I have done, Bree! Your words are so beautiful. They really paint the feelings and emotions of changes and the taste of bittersweet. Ya know what this needs? 😁🤣🤣😍 Ha, You’ve heard this before have you??? I can close my eyes and imagine you slowly, softly and with such emotion in your voice recording this. Oh, yes, with the beautiful music you have been adding too! Yeah! Please???????


      1. Your words whisper to me!!!! 😊🌹 I love to provide encouragement, make you smile and laugh and provide an appropriate nudge when needed and beg, (only when absolutely necessary).

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