Falling Softly (collab)

By Jared Winchester and Bree Leto
Image animation by Jared Winchester

I’ll write on pages in blue fading black,
rip off my white angel wings for you.
I told God I felt lust so I am damned,
I will fall but I’ll have you to me soothe. 


I’ve forsaken all else and my celestial light
to be with you and to never be alone.
I have not lost something you can’t replace;
behold my allegiance I give a throne.


I will etch you onto the pages of my soul
watch you breathe life into me again. 
You’ll scratch into our hearts a united chorus
so the both of us will always reign. 


My words are now transgressions 
I confess it is scripture in my soul
that we both will be lost as well 
as have for us a life we can control.


Writing on these pages in blue and black
caught in the ink passion that binds, 
I’m in ecstasy calm filled with no regret;
in my new heaven I leave the old behind.

Jared and I really dug into the intense emotions and images while creating this poem, but we had a blast doing it! Thanks Jared… it’s always fun to share the creative process with a friend.

41 thoughts on “Falling Softly (collab)

      1. Haha, glad we hit all the right notes. I was thinking that you and Jared would probably really appreciate each other’s styles. He had been around for a lot longer than me, but recently started a new blog.

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      2. You both definitely did…. Interesting to know about Jared….will check his blog…longer & newer has no meaning to me though…the click, the hit, the depth & the touch are more important in my world πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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