A 6th Letter from Secrets

Why hello there and welcome to another letter together. For those who have recently started following, instead of answering blogging award questions, I take a different approach to suit my own personal style. I prefer to write a letter, usually providing some insight into my creative process behind a piece that I have recently posted.

This time I am actually combining two nominations that came in at the same time! One is the Liebster Award from Shruti, my fellow Taylor Swift loving friend. The other is the Vincent Ehindero Award (you guys know he has his own blog right?) from Astha whom is an absolute gem. Really…she’s like a sparkling star! Thank you both for thinking of me for these awards. I admire you both and what you contribute to this space. 💜 

Today, I’m going to speak a little more about the piece He was that I wrote for another WP writer, John A Reyes. Don’t worry, I have a little something for you too, so keep reading 😉

John and I became great friends through this platform, a friendship which took us both by surprise. For some reason, we seemed to ‘get’ each other, particularly after we did a collaboration for his blog. John was the only one who would call me Secret and man…did he come up with some fabulous and inappropriate jokes with it. 😆🤣 He’s also the only one I would let get away with it because you know, he was my WP bestie and I did the same to him.

Unfortunately, John shut his site, Jar of Poetry, down for personal reasons and I immediately wrote He was as a tribute for him. I didn’t post it until recently because I was sidetracked by my own personal shit. Some of you may have followed him, while others will remember how he shared the audio of me reading Nonsense on his page (sorry, you can no longer access it). Whatever the case, he was/is a great writer and WP friend. I know that he is missed.

Clearly everyone reading this isn’t John, but here’s the thing, there are so many of us writing and sharing our hearts in this space. There will be people that we will connect with instantly and others that will take time to grow a friendship with as we continue our journeys as writers/poets together on this platform. 

What I want you to know is that if one day you stopped writing or shut your page down, someone would notice. Seriously. Your reasons for when and why may be perfectly valid and completely reasonable, however, I will tell you this, 

Honey, you would be greatly missed.”

So there you have it Astha and Shruti! Thanks again for thinking of me. What an honour to be nominated for awards by two wonderful women! Keep shining your beautiful souls my dears.

💜 Secrets 💜

Oh and John, if you do ever read this… I have a big plate of snacks waiting for you 🥞🥓🍟🍕🍣🍤🌮🍧🍩🍭🍬🍷. You were the best John a Secret could have 😉😆

9 thoughts on “A 6th Letter from Secrets

    1. Thank you Shweta 😊😊😊💜💜💜
      As a side note your comments keep ending up in my spam folder, so I keep checking it and moving them out. Just letting you know in case it takes me a while to get back to you 😊


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