While I’m asleep

Imagine from Pexels

What do you do
while I’m asleep?
What’s your day like
and who do you meet?

Do you greet the day
with a happy smile,
Or does waking up
take you a while?

Do you have some tea
and a piece of toast,
Or is it black coffee
that you like the most?

When you go to work
what is your attire?
What dress standards
does your workplace require?

Do you drive your car
or catch a bus?
If you travel with others
what do you discuss?

Do you arrive at work
ready for the day,
Or do you wish instead
to run away?

Do you chat with your colleagues
making them smile,
Or check all your emails
as it takes a while?

When the time comes
do you buy your own lunch,
Or bring something from home
that’s easy to munch?

When it’s time to clock off
do you race off for home,
Or hang out with friends
while ignoring your phone?

Are you a Home Chef
making an elaborate dinner,
Or are you too tired
so tonight you’ll have brinner*?

In the evening time
what do you do to entertain?
Do you have a routine
and keep things the same?

Do you lean over
and kiss a loved one goodnight,
Or stay up alone
reading by dimmed light?

Do you dream straight away
not making a peep,
Or lay there wondering
what I do when you sleep?

Sometimes I imagine what your lives might be like sans COVID-19 šŸ˜ŠšŸ’œ

*Brinner – Breakfast foods for dinner, usually something quick and easy.

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