A 3rd letter from Secrets

Oh, hey you. My treasured ‘follower’, do you already know what’s coming? Yes, Famela Marie from Introverted Ela has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Ela my dear, thank you for the nomination and here is my response to honour that (in my own way of course).

I thought about including an audio of me reading one of my pieces, (I even recorded it), but I’m not motivated enough to invest the money allowing me to upload it. I use the free version of WP for my page and I would probably never use the feature again after this letter. So I’m awfully sorry, but there will be no hearing my voice today.

I was going to load Nonsense, so I’ll write briefly about it instead. The second part of this short piece is particularly close to my heart. Although romantic in its message I also wanted to convey that both parties are heroic in their own right. No toxic co-dependance, no damsel in distress or broken man waiting to be fixed, but independently strong. Basically, I’m allowed to want someone to dote on and comfort me but I’ll be secure within myself at the same time.

There are moments in my own life, when I feel anything but heroic, so I have learnt to dig deep into the truth of who I am and how I was created. Sure, I need reminders, support and encouragement, but at the end of the day, I’m ok because I know who I am. I would wish this for my readers/followers too, so I wrote it into the underlying message of this little piece: you are already a hero/heroine.

Well lovely Ela, there you have it. Oh and to answer one of your questions…Dream place to visit? Definitely Hong Kong πŸ˜‰ Hopefully some of my followers will catch my meaning.

-Secrets (ST)

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