Like Stone

Bust of Antinous, 131-132 AD, Museo del Prado, Madrid

Without a crack of emotion
you stand before me like stone
so fiercely independent – 
when we’re together, I’m alone

I wonder if you’d miss me 
if I walked out the door? 
How can you say you love me 
when I can’t tell anymore?

You say it’s not your intention  
for me to second guess your heart  
but after twenty years together  
it’s not the same as the start

Do you even remember 
what it was like when we were young? 
How you loved to be together 
my name dancing on your tongue?

Have we changed so much  
I’m someone you’d discard? 
Proud of your self-sufficiency 
how I feel, you disregard

I’m not some added extra 
you simply tack onto your life 
every time you ignore me 
the pain twists like a knife

I feel so alone  
While you stand there…

Don’t stress dear reader, this is fictional. However, I’ve certainly had moments in my life when I’ve had thoughts similar to these

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