Two Wrong Notes (with audio)

Image found here on Pinterest

One wrong note at a time 
a fumble of loud mistakes 
too noticeable to cover up  
too obvious to pretend it didn’t happen

One stumbling scale after another 
I should be able to play better than this 
Is there any way to incorporate wrong notes  
so they sound purposeful? 

One heart trying 
striving to improve 
but effort doesn’t always lead to brilliance 
some simply struggle more than others

Two ears intent on listening 
follow every blunder I make 
The shame, oh the shame fills my being 
if only I was better than this

Two hearts beating 
souls connecting over mistakes 
take solace there’s no perfection  
in either song we’ve played

Two wrong notes clamour 
accidentally harmonise in tune 
in our imperfection, we stagger together 
and that’s when I start to improve

Have you ever felt like you kept making mistake after mistake in life… until you meet someone who helps you feel less alone? Yeah, me too. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, because I’m certainly making my fair share. Full disclosure, even this recording makes me cringe in parts, but I’ll leave it, you can enjoy my wrong notes.

Ending jazz scale credit to djfroyd. Yours truly recorded the stumbling scale at the beginning 🙂

19 thoughts on “Two Wrong Notes (with audio)

  1. Ahhh, I really loved this, Bree! The message was so great! Mistakes happen and there are ways to deal with them and accept – less than perfection! There is music theory that allows for and provides momentary reharmonization that can cover out of key notes. Just need to learn a new skill. Ha!
    Bellissimo, Bree, Bellissimo! 😊💕🌹

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      1. Ha! Ain’t that the truth!! I think this is along the same wisdom, so called, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks???? I think you can if you give them treats! LOL Hope you have a great day, My Dear!

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