Red Light (with audio)

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He’s a red light 
Nothing good 
ever comes 
from loving men 
like him 
I need to put on the breaks 
as my heart starts to race

I should stop
I really should stop

He’s a red light 
I nudge the accelerator  
shutting my eyes 
keep driving 
straight into his arms –  
destined to become  
a tragedy of mangled hearts

I should stop
I really should stop
I flatten the accelerator to the floor

Sound credit to weebrain

20 thoughts on “Red Light (with audio)

  1. Wow!! I so loved this, Bree! A perfect capture of “the heart wants what the heart wants – no matter what your mind is telling you!!” Loved your line – a tragedy of mangled hearts! Seems the heart loves to “Gamble” and believes in “the meant to be” and is willing to accept that it may be – “Only For Awhile!!”

    Seems the heart in your verses has the optimistic belief of “Next Time!” And has mended from past experiences with a “Mosaic Heart!” love it, love it!! I’m hearing Whispers! LOL 😊💕🌹

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  2. “destined to becomee…a tragedy of mangled hearts” 🔥…the way you said “I should stop…I really should stop”…you’re very expressive, Bree…emotions can be felt…and then the ending…A question – why don’t your share your spoken word on IG as well?…your voice is so beautiful?…just asking coz I’m wondering 🤨


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