Thesaurus of Blank Pages (Collab)

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By Cassa Bassa and Bree Leto

It’s difficult to find the words some days
I’m a thesaurus full of blank pages
Trying to dig between the emptiness
old stories stare back at me
characters having a banter party
without me
There must be unfinished business with those ghosts of my past
They invade my waking moments
eating up my creativity
thieving all the phrases that used to live inside my mind

I gather my strength
focus my weary mind
willing the words to come back Surely if I shake the past hard enough
they’ll release all they hold captive
and start falling like cherry blossoms
covering every crevice and crack of the page

21 thoughts on “Thesaurus of Blank Pages (Collab)

      1. I will always see beauty in anybody’s blog post! Each of us had spent time making sure it is perfect before we post it up to public, I admire it all pretty well. Besides, I find your work to be admirable.

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