Paint Them Red (with audio)

Artist credit to David Downton

On any occasion when my outfit needs to click
All I need to do is wear some bright and fun lipstick

Inside my large make-up bag, I’m not sure what I’ll find
I need a strong colour that defies fashion and time 

I want something flashy to go with my party dress
I need a confident shade to make me feel my best

There’s only one colour to make onlookers stop dead 
Any woman can tell you, that colour is bright red

For the lipstick lovers

22 thoughts on “Paint Them Red (with audio)

  1. My lips warmly smile …
    “A Morning Kiss”

    Your lips taste of warm honey
    Sweetly delicious
    Our kiss lusciously melts into one
    Firmly moist
    We lovingly smile, a honeymoon embrace
    Divinely entwined

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