Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

I searched for you
amongst familiar letters and phrases– 
I didn’t recognise a single word
I no longer speak your language

What I found was our immaturity
appearing in all our misunderstandings
until our story
read like abandoned hope

If I could take us back 
to all our wrong decisions
I’d try my hardest 
to convince us to take a different path– 
If only we had chosen to love 
beyond our insecurities

I’ll carry your name within me
for the rest of my life
wondering if I could ever learn
the language of your heart.

Have you ever looked back over a relationship and realised how much you misunderstood each other? Perhaps some people will always be kept apart because of their inability to stop and listen beyond their own fears and self-preservation.

34 thoughts on “Unrecognisable

    1. Seriously… Thanks Ben 🙂 Such encouraging words for me to read. I think the doubting will always come, but as always it’s the ability to ignore it that I continue to work on 😅😁


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