Empty House

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She moved out – 
Took the whiskey and the couch.
The place is neater now
But far too quiet

He paces the hallway
Looking into rooms
With restless limbs
And a broken spirit

They had been disconnected for months
But that does make it easier.
There is just too much space left 
In the house and in his heart

She moved out – 
Took the whiskey and the couch
And now he’s left
Living in an empty house.

36 thoughts on “Empty House

  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. can’t help but notice the slightly poignant bitterness in these lines: “The place is neater now/But far too quiet”. maybe it’s for the better, that she decided to move out – taking the whisky and the couch…

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  2. Can feel the silent air which can tell the story of the two then beloveds, now no more. Oh painful it is.
    I can understand the comfort of whiskey and couch after the mess. Lols

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