Expectations (Published)

Oh hey you, my poem Expectations was recently published in the It’s Not Easy anthology by Poet’s Choice. I have included the poem for your reading pleasure…


You come at me with your expectations 
Of you who think I should be
And what you think I should do
But I’m not you.

I’m done with performing
I’ve reached the very end this time,
Your control has kept me caged
And now all I feel is enraged.

I don’t live my life to please you
Your acceptance doesn’t give me value,
Even if you withhold it
I’ll continue and won’t quit.

Watch me live my own life
As I shake off your unrealistic demands,
The life you lead is not for me
I live my own life and I am free.

For Peter… You’ve got this!

51 thoughts on “Expectations (Published)

      1. Ah, I don’t often reveal the truth behind my poem as I like to let the reader interpret how they wish, but in this case I actually have written it FOR someone, so I will explain (slightly).
        This is about expectations we’re often experienced from different people in our lives, particularly from family. However, I also think that romantic and broader societal expectations also fit in with the message of this poem.


      2. I actually don’t think he will… it’s not his thing (reading my poetry I mean), but that’s ok too 🙂 So yes… Beware ‘the others’ 😆


    1. Hi Lisa, your comment got caught up in my spam folder, but I have now rescued it. Haha, Ben is good at connecting souls, I’m so glad you have introduced yourself. Thank you for your lovely thoughts 🙂

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