Secrets Between (Sestina)

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You whisper to my body
Simply by the dark way you say my name;
Your eyes are filled with a tense loaded heat,
I make sure my reactions are secret,
Many times I have learnt to hold my ground
Because I worry I’m a prize to you

‘The chase’ is a game for you;
To uncover a feminine body,
Lead her willingly and conquer new ground.
Your conquests are too numerous to name
Yet it’s your heart that you shelter secret,
So I hesitate to enjoy your heat

You have such enticing heat,
My ‘flirt’ comes out whenever I’m near you.
We love creating an inside secret
An accidental touch on the body
You tease and give me a cute playful name,
I misbehave with no moral high ground

With you, I’m on shaky ground,
Despite this, I want your touch and your heat
To place kisses in places I won’t name.
Everything in me just lusts after you,
To feel you moving inside this body.
What would you do if you knew my secret?

Care to share your own secret?
I see it when your eyes look to the ground
Do you want me for more than my body?
Perhaps it’s true you can’t handle the heat
And relationships are too much for you
You’d prefer to exist without a name

I too want more than a name,
My wanting more than a fling isn’t secret
And if I choose to cross this line with you
I need to know that we’ll be on safe ground.
Then you can enjoy the sweet sweat and heat
Of moving together as one body

Simply say my name on this sacred ground,
I’ll unleash secret love as reckless heat
Breaking the rules for you with my body

This is the last in a set of three Sestinas I wrote in quick succession. You may never see another from me, so enjoy this one if you can.

A sestina is a French strict poetry form invented at the end of the 12th century. This form uses blank verse (no rhyme) and is written in iambic pentameter, with the first line of each stanza written in seven syllables and the rest in ten. A sestina contains six stanzas with six lines in each and an ending three-lined envoi. The end words of the first stanza lines are repeated in a specified order in every other stanza. But wait, there’s more… in the envoi, all six repeated words are used, two in each line with one in the middle and one at the end.

31 thoughts on “Secrets Between (Sestina)

    1. Yeah, the rules are intense, but not difficult once you get your head around them. However, you do cross your fingers the whole time, hoping that you end up creating something that makes sense and flows well. haha.

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  1. A most beautiful, passionate poem. I can sense the longing that runs through each word, as though the poet would write this with a pen that acts as the match to light the flame upon the page. 🙂

    As writers, we need inspiration from a source, and this must be it for this specific poem.

    Good work!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Bree, Bree, Bree, what a wonderful post. It’s so intense yet so gentle. I was blown away by reading somethin’ that flows so smooth. I do not have anything specific to mark as my favorite, the entire work is commandable. You should definitely write more of it. And before I leave I shouldn’t forget to praise your perfect style of writing a Sestina. You did a great job!

    It is always a pleasure reading you✨💛

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  3. Great sestina exercise, loved reading it. “Yet it’s your heart that you shelter secret,
    So I hesitate to enjoy your heat” – those bad boy sheltered secrets!

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  4. I’m just catching up….I love this poem of yours….”Simply say my name on this sacred ground,
    I’ll unleash secret love as reckless heat
    Breaking the rules for you with my body”….oh my….how beautifully expressed, Secrets ❤️✨

    Liked by 1 person

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