Golden Skies (with audio)

Golden Skies audio by Secret Thoughts Within

I wish I lived in golden skies– 
In that beautiful hopeful moment
when the sun lights up the clouds
and rays of colour burst across blue.

In the golden sky,
all my dreams
would come true.
The impossible
within my grasp.
Hidden hopes
would open up
into red reality.

I would be a flaming vision
in dusty pinks,
captivating hearts
and lifting spirits.
I would embody in amber
the breathtaking.
I would hint in purple,
the ethereal.

Oh to live in golden skies–
It’s where my ideas of perfection lie.

20 thoughts on “Golden Skies (with audio)

      1. I really enjoyed your poem and more so the way your brought it to life vocally. Thank you , I’m happy that I was able to give you positive encouragement.

        Liked by 1 person

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