Not Done Yet

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If you feel like getting hot
Come spend some time with your sexy fox.
Kiss me Lover, let’s have some fun,
I don’t do this with just anyone.

I tremble with suspense and delight
At what I’ll see in your eyes tonight.
Our passion sparks with every touch
Oh god we both want this so much.

I want you, need you, it’s really bad,
Your fingers driving my body mad.
And right as I’m about to beg,
You drive my senses over the edge.

Now I will turn all my attention,
To help release your every tension.
As I watch you reach pleasure’s peak,
Your dirty words fill me with heat.

Oh Boy, we have countless hours
To enjoy more of your sexual prowess.
And I will give as good as I get,
Believe me Baby,
we’re not

Happy Valentine’s Day. 🦊

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