Warning doubts

There is a warning bell ringing…

I begin to doubt your friendship offering,
Because my heart has started suffering.
Intuition has decided to ring the alarm,
And the hairs are rising on my arm.
My mind understands not all is as appears,
Perhaps it’s time to look into my fears.
You drew me in and made me stay,
With all the jokes and games we played.

But now the doubt gives me a fright,
I must go set some truths alight.
You say you care and want this too,
Which is why I’m confused by all you do.
You hide me away from all the others,
Those are the things that start to bother.
I needed you more than I can tell,
So into your trap I easily fell.

As your constructed lies start to fall,
It appears our friendship was one-sided after all.

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