Another life

Free from the trammels of my mind
I followed the rainbow of my imagination
finally allowing myself to find the pot of gold at the end.

It was You.

For a few moments
I gave myself permission
to chase down the dreams of another life
and what it would be like.

A cold Christmas.
A warm June.

Understanding your favourite seasons
and reasons for secret smiles on your face.

Knowing the details of your scent.
Being familiar with the feel
of your stubble on my cheek.

Long Saturday mornings in bed with you
and Sunday drives to places I’ve never seen.

I savoured my mental jaunt,
fully aware that my prudent mind
would put everything back into its proper place before long.

With one last look at this bittersweet dream,
I smiled at how lovely it all seemed.

Please note, I did not write this with anyone in mind πŸ’œ

21 thoughts on “Another life

  1. I love this poem! It is so tender and the imagery is beautiful. I also love how you formatted it with those couplets in the center and the couplet at the end is lovely πŸ’œ that β€œbittersweet dream…”

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