Broken (collab with audio)

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You broke my heart in so many ways
but I never told you about any of them.
I covered them up with humour
and laughed at it instead.

I hoped you’d never hear the ache
in my voice during all the times we talked.
I smiled so you’d never see the loneliness
in my eyes when they connected with yours.

I had to silence my pulse
whenever we touched. 

I had to hide the stains on my mind
and the fractures my heart received.

You broke my heart because I loved you
I didn’t even tell you.

How could I?
I knew you didn’t feel the same.

By Secret Thoughts Within and John. A. Reyes

Thanks again to John. A. Reyes for a wonderful collaboration. Pulling this poem together and recording the audio was a blast.

30 thoughts on “Broken (collab with audio)

    1. Oh thank you my fabulous friend! You have made my afternoon 😊 We put a lot of thought into how it should be recorded, so I’m glad to hear the audio worked well for you as a listener.

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  1. Wow! This was fantastic!!! Great collaboration and audio recitation!! The audio made it perfect. Love audios because you can close your eyes and let your mind and imagination engage with the words in a more creative way than just reading!!! More please???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Chuck. I love hearing how different people interact with the audio. Haha, we’ll see if/when there are more audios 😆
      Thanks as always for your continued encouragement and support 💜

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      1. Loved the poem and the audio! Audio always makes it better!
        I love being able to provide encouragement and support for you, Dear! That’s why I signed up for your cheerleader club!!

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