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She’s always there,
ready to listen to anything I have to say,
just as I am for her.

She can tell me her deepest darkest imaginings
and I won’t even occur to me to be judgemental.
I can tell her all my ugly thoughts
and she knows how to interpret them with grace.

She gives me the benefit of the doubt,
she’s always on my side and
she helps me search for doorways out of dungeons.

I know her true intentions,
hear the things she doesn’t say
and empower her to find her own path.

We walk through everything together.
Every shade of our lives is shared.
We know every story,
especially the ones we are ashamed of.

She’s my best friend,
she knows it all,
she’s my soulmate.

27 thoughts on “Soulmate

  1. Good to find that in anyone; where you can talk without judging each other. I love simple things such as this: “ugly thoughts”. Just a simple adjective that really worked. Interesting to think of thoughts as ugly and pretty when we usually just say good and bad. Nice work.

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