A 4th letter from Secrets

I had a problem. I had two version of the same poem and I wasn’t sure which I should publish. I did think about hitting up one of my WP pals for their thoughts, but I really do try and leave them alone as much as possible. Then… then, The Knight with a Pen nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award and I thought to myself “Bless that Knightly Pen’s heart, I have a solution”. So thank you Dear Knight for your nomination, you helped me out more than you know. Here is my own unique response to thank you for your nomination the award. Today, I will provide you with the back story and second version of the poem April days which I posted yesterday.

Clearly it is not April, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream right? Last week I decided to read through Shakespeare’s Sonnets. This makes me sound more romantic than I really am, please don’t be mislead it was a rare occurrence. I digress. As I sat with my coffee and book on a cold winter’s morning, I read Sonnet 3. Line 10 caught my attention:

Thou art thy mother’s glass and she in thee

Calls back the lovely April of her prime;

So thou through windows of thine age shalt see,

Despite of wrinkles, this thy golden time.

Shakespeare’s 3rd Sonnet

“Calls back to the lovely April of her prime”… hmmmmm… I wondered if I’m still in the April of my prime? Probably not (bloody Shakespeare). So I decided to create my own April day to enjoy, because age is just a number baby and I can make any day full of bliss and delight if I’m motivated enough.

I wrote the first version of this and then (as always), the rhyming started and I wrote a second one. I’m not sure which I liked best, but because of this nomination (πŸ’œ), I will include the second one for you below.

April days – version 2 (embellished)
My favourite are the April days
Blissful dreams appearing in the night
Manifesting themselves in the dawning light
Hopes and promises cover every dewy morn
Shining like crystals on a browning lawn
Head full of sunshine and sweet crisp air
Off for adventure without a care
Picnics near waterholes and to my surprise
You, gently brushing hair out of my eyes
Holding my hand and pulling me in for a kiss
Wishing that everyday was like this
Whipbird serenades add to the romance
Maybe this time I will take a chance
Oh these April days of my heart
Filled with such delight
You can have them if you’d like

So there you have is it Knightly Pen or is it Bard? Bightly? Sorry, I shall stop. Wait…one more… Ken? 😏🚫 I hope you are not disappointed with my response. To answer one of your questions: No, I don’t use social medial to promote my writing. Some of the people in my life might faint to read my words, while the others would applaud and want to print T-Shirts.

-Secrets/ST/Secret (help me😜)

Bonus: I’m Australian if you didn’t already know. What you may not know is that Australia is roughly the same size as the USA. Whilst most of my great nation is desert, we do also have snowy and tropical climates. Here is a ridiculously long video of a tropical rainforest… shall we go for an imaginary walk together?

25 thoughts on “A 4th letter from Secrets

  1. i really enjoyed the fact that you take time to consider suggestions. and oh, I used to be just contented writing behind a pen name, but one poet Jade M. Wong inspired me to reveal my true identity..lol.. you might as well consider too soon.. though it took mine over 5 years..lol again

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  2. Woow!! I’m left speechless! I’ve seen heck lot of award posts but never as unique as this one!! April days!! Lovely poem!😍😍❀❀ Even I love Shakespeare sonnets!😁
    You indeed write well!!😍❀❀😍
    Your posts attract me a lot! Looking forward for more and more!!🀩🀩😍❀😁
    Have some cookies!
    You are a great writer!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, you have rose-coloured glasses on. I see everyone else out there, I know I am just a little drip in a very big (and talented) pond… And I’m OK with that. It is of course nice to hear that someone appreciates that little drip πŸ˜†


      2. I understand what you mean. But I’m not wearing rose tinted glasses. I am saying what I feel. I think that your writing is beautiful, and you could do anything you want to.

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