April days

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My favourite are the April days
Blissful dreams appearing in the evening
Manifesting themselves in the slanting light
Hopes and promises cover every dewy morning
Full of sunshine and sweet crisp air

Picnics near waterholes and brushing hair out of my eyes
Pulling me in for a kiss amongst the undergrowth
Acoustic serenades of birds add to the romance
Oh these April days of my heart, filled with such delight
You can have them if you’d like

This the call of the Australian Eastern Whipbird. A common sound on tropical walking tracks.

24 thoughts on “April days

  1. Oh my this is amazing. Rocking the poems today gal. Divine. And that incredible bird call at the end. Reminds me of a song I once heard on the radio and was never able to locate since then. Some grrrl band sang it but I can’t remember their name and the song lyrics I thought were about the call of whip-poor-will but I couldn’t find it by that either. Anyway… lovely that the last lines gift these beautiful and romantic images to the reader.

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  2. Beautiful. April is my favourite month. I was actually born in April too. There is a beautiful freshness about the month, with the hint of new life coming. Love your beautifully lyrical poem.

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      1. You’re very welcome!

        I’m just reading blogs and trying to muster up a little inspiration. So thank you for sharing your talents.

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