The Truth Of It

I get sick of all the bullshit – people playing pretend happiness and perfect lives I’m tired of the bright artificial lights – Could they be authentic for one second remove the glossy vernacular and speak about reality? I’ve had enough – surrounded by hypocrites faking the answers Are we all so fundamentally insecurethat we can’t be real?The answer is yes            I should know            I’mContinue reading “The Truth Of It”

The Queen of Eyeshadow

She’s the queen of eyeshadow using colours that blend perfectly making her eyes look bigger and brighter full of life and excitement The deception is never lost on her – she knows it’s only make-believe She’s the queen of eyeshadow proficient at shading and contours The right flick of eyeliner can do wonders to foolContinue reading “The Queen of Eyeshadow”