Ninety Seconds (with audio)

Turmoil fills the air
settling scores
on the brink of midnight 
only ninety seconds 
before they turn out the light

In the gathering haze 
I see your flickering spark 
it alights me with wonder 
cus’ I’m afraid of the dark
and I hold to the mantra
if there’s doubt for tomorrow
grab the hand beside 
rut it out, avoid the sorrow

Catching your eye
we draw near
blocking out the fear
we’re alive
you and I 
at least we’re alive

So, kiss me 
oh won’t you kiss me 
despite the trouble everywhere 
kiss me so deeply 
that neither of us are aware 
of all the danger lurking there

Ninety seconds is all we’ve got 
let’s make it worth it 
we can’t stop the clock 
Instead we can cheat 
the passing of time 
with lips locked together 
no bell will chime

Ninety second 
they tick by 
at least we’re alive 
you and I 
let’s not deprive
you and I 
of ninety seconds 

We’re alive 
you and I  
for ninety seconds 
we’re so alive

I read an article recently about the Doomsday clock and how we’re now ninety seconds to midnight. These are my thoughts on what I’d do with ninety seconds 🦊

Audio bed credit to abyeditsound

Side note: I wanted to make this audio ninety seconds. I probably could have done it, but in the end I required an additional fourteen seconds to get the emotions across. I also need to confess, something about this poem feels familiar to me. If I’ve accidentally pilfered someone else’s lines, please, oh please reach out via my contact page and let me know!

Image taken from Here

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