Brighter Stars

Photo found here on Pinterest

Stars – 
They come out every night to remind us 
of how we are meant to live

Shining next to each other on a tapestry of black
each breathing light into the darkness
Glowing in unison 
becoming an awe-inspiring sight

stars appear even brighter 
and make hearts a little happier
as we connect them together
and create pictures in the stygian sky

May we burn like those midnight suns – 
not in competition, but in harmony
lighting up the dark world
with our radiant energy

As I watch you illuminate the world, you encourage me to keep shining. Other people’s success doesn’t intimidate me, it inspires me. Let’s continue shining together; life is more beautiful this way.

Originally published 5 July 2021

52 thoughts on “Brighter Stars

      1. I’m only reflecting, Secrets….I’ll keep shining in both light & darkness….I know, you will as well, my dear-sweet-gorgeous-talented friend 💫

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    1. Thank you Grace… People amaze me with all theirs beauty and talent. For some reason it makes me so happy to see others loving and succeeding in what they dream of 💜

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  1. Oh, very nice poetry. Of course, I always expect that from you. And I like the footnote, too. We shouldn’t avoid others that are as creative as us. In fact, we should work them to grow better and stronger. Keep giving the world your magical words.

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  2. Agree with you. Could feel the stars shining from your words. We all are different and unique and harmony would create a beautiful rhythm.
    Awesome inspiring write ST. Love it.

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