A crack 
momentary relapse… 
the craving disappears 
and all that’s left is 

What was it we were searching for? 
What hunger were we trying to satisfy? 
Feeding junk food to your soul 
is the quickest way to die

Next time 
we’ll keep our mouths shut – 
some words 
shouldn’t be spoken 
How can we pretend we didn’t say them 
when our lover looks us in the eye 
and our look becomes a lie

A moment of madness 
A forbidden dalliance is desirable 
especially when  
it’ll never look you in the face

Fuck the inability to exercise self-control! 
Our tears of regret will never get rid of it

A crack 
momentary relapse 
now hung over 
on the fall

Madness is not worth it 
not worth losing any of it 
It’s not steadfast 
or there when we’re ill 
It can’t hold our hand when sadness arrives 
It won’t wash the dishes at the end of the night

“Madness! It was madness!” we scream 
Yes, it was pure madness 
or that’s how it seems 
We danced a little with madness 
and by doing so, ruined all our dreams

A crack 
momentary relapse…  
of madness

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