Always Yours, Never Mine

Original image found here on Pinterest

I’m here
the one you love but aren’t in love with
steadfast by your side as we navigate life

I’m here
lighting up at the very sight of you
while your casual smile douses my joy every time

I’m here
sharing all things deep and taboo
ready, at any moment, to help you forget your pain

I’m here
seeing the best in you
as we pull each other out of apathy and push for more
(you’ve got this)

I’m here
watching you kiss her softly
knowing you’ll make love to her while I dream of you

I’m your girl
I’m your other girl
always here, always near
always yours…

I haven’t written about unrequited love for a while, so I thought I’d try my hand. In conclusion, being in ‘the friend zone’ is a real bitch.

20 thoughts on “Always Yours, Never Mine

  1. Unrequited love is a cruel torture for sure. Something promoted by those who started romantic love!!
    Sadly, the pain of unrequited love is actually self imposed because it all ends when one “lets go” and can say “i don’t care anymore – which is the real opposite of love”. Unrequited love keeps you from being able to just – find another lover, duh! LOL

    Hope you are doing, My Dear?? Well and happy, I’m hoping!!

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      1. Ah, As always too sweet and kind! Sometimes I hear whispers from the Universe! LOL
        So happy to hear you are doing well and healthy too? I know you had a bout a bit ago?
        All is well here too – same ol’, same ol’.

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      2. Have you posted any of your own work recently? I was looking through your page, but there’s so much there is couldn’t find if any was yours 😅
        I am well, but gesh I was sick for a while there. All good now though 🙂

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      3. So happy to hear that you are all well now. I haven’t been posting much if anything new by me. Stockpiling them as “unpublished”. I think I’m coming to a point where I think I will just self-publish and start putting them on WP again? If you are wanting to find things written by me on the blog you can go to the search box and type in “Charles Robert Lindholm” and it will pull up my writings. The other thing you can do is check out the 2017 and 2018 archives as most of the posts in those years were mostly mine. 😊😁💖💕🌹

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      4. I’m terrible with promotion and the amount of energy I put into marketing. I’m not the best person to go to for that side. I know some of the ‘rules’, I simply don’t have enough drive to follow them at this stage of my poetic journey.

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